Curiosity is a character strength.  If you find yourself constantly asking questions, and if you find all topics fascinating and interesting, this may be a strength for you.  (Sometimes we lose the curiosity we possessed as children because we come a bit jaded as the years pass.)  There are ways to develop a strength.  Previously I mentioned the Law of Attraction and gave some simple examples about getting what you focus on.  What if you were able to focus on truly important and life-changing things, maybe a career change, for instance? 

If you have lost your curiosity and also lost your ability to focus, it can be hard to move forward and get what you really want in life.  I offer a free orientation to coaching to help you determine if you need a little “jump start” to get you moving ahead.  Coaching is helpful for regaining your true focus, identifying your strengths, and using those strengths to your benefit.

To learn more about your strengths, please e-mail me and I will be happy to refer you to a free assessment online that can help with this.