Law of Attraction

Are you curious about the Law of Attraction?  This is the belief that Like attracts Like and that whatever we focus on is what we will get.  If you focus on negative things, perhaps worrying that your car will get a flat tire—that is more likely to truly happen.  A friend of mine believes that bad things happen in threes.  As soon as something unfortunate happens, she expects at least two more bad things to occur.  Guess what?  They usually do occur!  She has that in mind and that is exactly what she attracts. 

If you focus on positive things like thinking about a dear friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, you can actually attract that attention and possibly even hear from that dear friend you were thinking about!  It seems like it comes up as a coincidence, but more likely your inner self sent out some positive vibrations and attracted that back to you.

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